Steamulation – ULTIMATE

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Product Description:

The ultimate creation: Steamulation® ULTIMATE! The new climax in the evolution of Steamulation® hookahs.

Whether it is AirFlow Control, Advanced Diffuser or Purge Pro, all the well-known Steamulation® innovations of the past 7 years are included! The new, latest four-pipe hookah combines not only well-known features: with two unique world premieres, they have now created the ultimate masterpiece: Steamulation® ULTIMATE.

DUAL CONNECTION SYSTEM! For the first time, the two latest hookah locking technologies, SteamClick 360°and Xpansion, have been combined! Use your hookah in a more flexible and personalized way than ever before, without adapters!

LUNAR GRAVITY! The perfect draught for all users of the four-pipe hookah is achieved! Through an optimized design, this technology reduces the weight force of the valve balls by 83%, creating physical conditions like those on the moon! The result? Ultimate draught and a one-pipe smoking experience!

Compatible upgrades

  • X Blow off +
  • Cooling Control
  • Cooling Diffusor
  • Sleeves & X Blow Off Sets
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