Steamulation – Pro X Prime (Gen. II)

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Product Description:

Steamulation Pro X Prime is the most successful single-pipe Steamulation hookah of all time!

Now the successor comes in the second generation with unique functions and new features.

Supply: Shisha Pro X Prime (Gen.II) + V2A pipe adapter

In addition, we recommend ordering the innovative and well-known X-Blow Off system for Pro X Prime (Gen.II).


Ready for the future 2022!
Steamulation Pro X Prime (Gen.II) is already ready for the future! Steamulation is constantly developing new innovations and attaches great importance to compatibility. The Pro X Prime (Gen.II) is therefore designed to be compatible with other Steamulation technologies and accessories that will be released during 2022. So you can upgrade your Pro X Prime later and add more features!

Steamulation SteamClick 360
Steamulation Pro X Prime is undoubtedly the premium model with hose attachment in the world of Steamulation. Like all other Steamulation models in the Pro X series, the Pro X Prime is equipped with the shisha locking system, which is very complex in manufacture. This advanced and convenient locking system is the fastest shisha locking system in the world.

High-flow vaporization system
Steamulation Pro X Prime is produced using a new manufacturing process and now has an even stronger maximum draft (about + 25% over its predecessor). At the same time, this increases the adjustment range of Steamulation airflow control.

Vaporization airflow control
With the help of Steamulation’s airflow control, the user of Pro X Prime can individually adjust the draft between traditional and modern as desired. Compared with the previous model, the maximum draft has been increased and the hose connections have been adjusted to direct moisture directly into the base.

Control of the immersion tube for vaporization
Like the large four-pipe Shisha Steamulation Pro X, the Pro X Prime now also has Dip Tube Control. With the new Dip Tube Control, users can determine the length of the dip tube themselves. You have a 9-step adjustment option at your disposal. Shortening or lengthening the passage and the Pro X suit can be further identified. This allows for personalized smoking behavior like no other hookah. By rotating the dip tube, you can smoke both with and without the diffuser.

Steamulation X Blow Off Compatibility
Steamulation Pro X Prime is compatible with the latest generation of Steamulation Blow Off systems. Steamulation X Blow Off! Unique in the world, this system allows the vent to be adjusted while smoking without any modification. Simply magical! Fifteen different Blow Off combinations are possible with this technique!

Compatibility with vaporization discharge
In addition to the X Blow Off, Steamulation Pro X Prime is also compatible with previous Pro X Blow Off adapters, allowing five additional vents.

Steam cooling diffuser compatibility
Steamulation Pro X Prime is compatible with the Steamulation cooling diffuser. The Steamulation cooling diffuser is one of Steamulation’s most innovative accessories and combines numerous functions in its compact design that enhance and optimize the enjoyment of shisha in a unique way.




Height: 47 cm

Weight: about 3.5 kg

Glass diameter: 20 cm

Material: stainless steel V2A (1.4305).

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