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Saocca Hookah – (Column and saucer only)

 255,00 Iva inc.

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Product Description:

HookahJohn presents the SAOCCA hookah, in the new version.

Made of stainless steel, with a new heart with 3 purge lines and a new diffuser style. Glossy instead of matte.

The saucer has raised pyramids that help the coals breathe. The knurled effect on the entire column body, hub, and brazier support are very aesthetically pleasing.

The total length of the column is about 60 cm.

The thick saucer is a full 27 cm wide.

The SAOCCA hookah is compatible with most hookah pipes.

A little gem to add to one’s hookah collection!

Made in USA

It is possible to purchase the original tube in the Accessories – Tubes section.

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