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Quasar – Raas X Social Smoke

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Product Description:

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QUASAR is a French brand whose main product is the first thermal brazier. The RAAS X is the brand’s newest product, the ultimate thermal head, which has been redesigned to become a perfect product. It is inspired by QUASAR V2 but has added improvements. RAAS is the culmination of QUASAR’s know-how to create a reliable taste experience.

The QUASAR RAAS X is distinguished by its careful selection of materials. The glass brazier allows heat to distribute throughout the brazier, increasing the taste sensation tenfold. The aluminum used for the heating system is of remarkable quality, so it easily stays warm during the session. This means you get an even and consistent warm-up throughout the session. No less important, in addition to having a luxurious and smart aesthetic, the silicone parts allow you to move the nozzle of your QUASAR RAAS X without worrying about burning yourself.

Part of the interior of the heating system has been redesigned so that the coal does not blow out by using small pins that keep any coal at the bottom of the heating system raised. To preserve flavors as much as possible, the double wall of the heating system prevents ashes from falling from the coal into the brazier. The QUASAR RAAS X needs only 2 cubic carbons to reach its full potential.

The borosilicate glass brazier has been redesigned around the phunnel area (single center hole) so that it is easier to assemble and more intuitive, so both professionals and enthusiasts can prepare their brazier quickly and unobstructed for really good results and faithful flavor conversion. Depending on the dose you set, you can get a gentle, intermediate or intense session (between 15 and 25 grams).

Last but not least, although the silicone connector may seem insignificant at first glance, it is essential because, in addition to fitting all the male connectors on your hookah, it is also a very important part in terms of the role it plays in managing airflow.

The QUASAR RAAS X’s patented airflow system provides a constant air exchange between the hot air produced by the charcoal in the brazier and the cold air from outside. This gives you a brazier that is always at the ideal temperature and self-sufficient heating so that you can fully enjoy your session and enjoy your favorite flavor for as long as possible.

Get a session between 1 hour and 15 minutes and 1 hour and 50 minutes if you turn the coal back on again.

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