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Plate for Alpha Hookah “AH” coals (Model X / K )

 24,90 Iva inc.

In stock

Product Description:

The ”Alpha Hookah ” charcoal plate is a fantastic accessory that makes it possible to change the appearance of your Alpha hookah without much expense. The Dish
Alpha of Hookah
is a beautifully designed plate suitable for anyone who wants to give their hookah a fresh and different look.

This plate fits Alpha Hookah Model X and Model K models only.

The Alpha Hookah brand wants to entice its fans to customize and modify their hookahs. To make this possible, they decided to create an additional line of accessories through which you can choose the plate and body color of your hookah. Buy an Alpha Hookah hookah and thanks to the additional accessories you will have a different shisha every time you want it.



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