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The Fusion Air is based on the design of the OCEAN brand’s previous bestseller , the Fusion, but combined with today’s most important features, such as the air expulsion system (Blow off) and the interlocking system. It goes perfectly with any glass, whether conical, pear-shaped, Neolux, standard-shaped or others, the Fusion fits easily.

The hookah has a horizontal air expulsion system and comes in a complete set with the Fusion X Twisted nozzle, a silicone tube, and a kink guard. The entire hookah, as well as the handle part of the spout, are made of V2A stainless steel.

You can easily adjust the smoking behavior, from classic with resistance to modern and open with little resistance. To get a classic smoke, simply screw the included diffuser upside down so that the diffuser holes are covered by the dip tube.



Total height: about 50 cm

Coal dish diameter: about 19.5 cm

Total spout length: about 37 cm

The spout consists of two parts: a stainless steel part and a glass part with an 18.8 mm joint.




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