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The OBLAKO X HOOLIGAN (HLGN / XLGN) bowl is made by a famous artist “MAXTHIRTEEN” from white clay, the result of a collaboration of the world’s most famous brazier brand: Oblako; and the hookah brand with modern and aggressive design: HLGN.

Frosted with a matte black satin touch layer of the highest quality, and then embellished with the artist’s drawings in glossy relief.

The bowl has a classic shape and at the same time modern, equipped with 6 holes and a large surface area manages to express the flavor very well and especially to increase the durability due to the capacity.

Made to work ideally with HMD/Kaloud heat management systems because of walls with thin edges that can secure your kaloud perfectly.

– A black silicone gasket is included with the bowl.

Because they are made by hand, oblako braziers may differ slightly in shape and color from the photos.For this particular bowl, using the lid heating system is not recommended, as it can damage the decal (the thickness of the walls and its shape allow it to heat evenly and quickly without the aid of lids)

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