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Product Description:

Nube Unique – Black One is among the best brands, the hookahs are handcrafted from chrome-plated AISI 321 stainless steel that is distinguished by excellent anti-corrosive properties, higher heat resistance and heat resistance

The column and spout are embellished with a magnificent veneer of exotic ash wood and high-strength stainless steel

The NUBE UNIQUE hookah is equipped with a revolutionary modular valve, which is a new “cool down” purge control system controlled by a button so that you can purge the pot and cool the brazier: horizontally to purge only the pot, vertically to purge the pot and cool the brazier.

Vertical slots at the bottom of the submerged tube perfectly facilitate draught.

The Nube Click is a convenient snap-on connector for attaching the tube to the base.

Puffs and admires the puffing smoke
    • Stainless steel plate
    • Wooden column
    • Soft-touch silicone tube
    • Mouthpiece (matched to the column model)
    • Connector
    • Height: 58 cm
    • Glass vase (transparent) + gasket
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