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Nube Unique – Junior Silicone (various colors)

 129,95 Iva inc.

Product Description:

Hookah Nube Unique – Junior made of silicone and available in many beautiful colors!

This hookah stands out for its unique design and exclusive colors, as well as its frame, made entirely of high-quality silicone that gives it extra strength, ideal for carrying. All other parts are made of stainless steel.

Offering a smooth pull and top-notch performance, this junior hookah, about 51 cm tall, is medium-sized.

Its minimalist and elegant design is characteristic of the brand.


– Stainless steel body
– Stainless steel saucer
– Stainless steel immersion tube
– Silicone chamber with decorations
– Stainless steel hose connector
– Stainless steel purge valve
– Stainless steel spout with exclusive engraving
– Silicone hose
– Spring for the hose
– Transparent base.

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