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Moze – Sphere 2 (Frozen Earth)

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Product Description:

Sphere 2 hookah by German brand Moze . The hookah is a worthy successor to the first version and features new modifications.

Special design is the hallmark of the Sphere and will continue in this new version. The interaction of the tips with the globe in a mixture of wood epoxy resin is the optical highlight of the hookah, which is complemented by a beautiful blowing system.

The sharply shaped hookah base and detailed design elements perfectly complement the overall picture of the Sphere 2. Compared with its predecessor, not only has the transition been improved, but also a stainless steel base has been used. The coating on the base and plate provides an aggressive, modern look.

Material: stainless steel, epoxy resin, wood, POM
Diameter: 19 cm
Color: black, red and orange

Size: about 55 cm


Blowing system (stainless steel)
diffuser (stainless steel)
immersion tube (stainless steel)
base (stainless steel)
hookah column (stainless steel)
Hookah column decorative element 1 (POM)
Resin (epoxy/wood resin)
Hookah column decorative element 2 (POM)
Coal dish (stainless steel, coated)
Brazier adapter (stainless steel)
spout (stainless steel)
Glass gaskets (2 sizes) (silicone)
brazier gasket (silicone)
replacement gaskets


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