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Moze – Breeze 2 (Original Black)

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Product Description:

The Moze Breeze Two hookah is the successor to the successful Moze Breeze and surpasses its predecessor with its many features! Discover the original.

Main features of the Moze Breeze Two hookah:

A hookah – Four different blow-off variants: with the Moze Breeze Two’s new protected and innovative “blow-off” system, you can choose from four different blow-off variants!

1) The first option is the classic variant, already known from the Moze Breeze. Here the smoke is expelled from the base in the direction of the charcoal dish-the blowing element is simply placed over the base.

2) The second variant blows under the coal plate in the direction of the hookah brazier. With this variation, the blowing element of the hookah is placed under the charcoal plate.

3) The third way to expel smoke from the Moze Breeze Two hookah is for the smoke to come out over the charcoal plate in a horizzaontal direction. To do this, the exhaust element is screwed onto the larger plate and the head adapter is screwed onto the exhaust ring (without placing the second carbon plate between the two parts).

* Screwing the second charcoal plate on top of the main one can give you a thick, smooth blowing with smoke coming out between the two plates.

Removable diffuser: the diffuser of the Moze Breeze Two can be removed and screwed on both sides. This allows you to easily decide whether you want to hear the sound of water when you smoke.

Lasered plates: the Moze Breeze Two’s anthracite plates are lasered-the lasered pattern makes the anthracite plates different from conventional plates and gives your Breeze Two an additional striking design.


Height: about 40 cm without brazier
Diameter (large coal dish): 16 cm
Material: stainless steel, POM, epoxy/acrylic resin
Glass: clear


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