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Product Description:

Kaloud Lotus III is made of high-quality aluminum. It features elegant integrated handles for the lid and base that offer smooth rotation and allow easy heat management and removal of the Lotus III from your Samsaris or other hookah brazier.

The Kaloud Lotus III is a patented work of art made from the highest quality materials available using manufacturing technology typically reserved for the aerospace and medical industries.

The Kaloud Lotus III does not use anodizing or powder coating for its color, but we use a proprietary, non-toxic method to add color.

The best heat management device on the market. This Lotus III is made of high-quality aluminum with a removable top and adjustable vents to allow precise heat transfer. Keeping the lid up will produce the least amount of heat, having the lid with the vents open provides medium heat, closing the vents will create the most heat.



Specifications techniques:

Weight: 130 g
Size: 11 cm top (with handle) x 7.5 cm bottom diameter x 4.8 cm height
Material: high quality aluminum

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