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Hoob Hookah – Mars Mini “Wine”

 290,00 Iva inc.

Sold out!

Product Description:

Hoob Hookah Mars hookahs in the exclusive and limited “Wine Red” series

For the best hookah experience you’ve ever had, Hoob Hookah’s Mars Supreme Series hookahs are constructed of high-quality materials.

A sophisticated CNC machine was used to make the ultra-traditional Mars Series Supreme hookah. The design of the Hoob Mars Mini combines classic hookah engravings and traditional round shapes with the highest level of mechanical perfection. Hoob hookahs combine the best qualities of traditional hookahs with the advantages of modern production.

Although it smokes like a traditional hookah, the Mars Mini will demonstrate how technology can elevate the hookah experience to a new level of comfort and pleasure with an adjustable diffuser. An ideal airflow and purge system.

No hazardous coatings or substances that could harm you. We use only clean materials and do not use paint because we care about your health and the environment.

We can provide you with the best quality hookahs on the market because each hookah undergoes quality control before it is sold to a customer.

Hoob Mars height – 48cm
Weight – 3kg

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