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Hoob Hookah – British Racing Green

 289,00 Iva inc.

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Product Description:

Hookah Hoob Hookah – British Racing Green

The Hoob Atom Hookah is a very futuristic and extraordinary hookah. Even from the outside it is obvious, as its shape is completely different from that of other hookahs. The Hoob Atom hookah has a rectangular or cube-shaped acrylic bowl. This bowl has a small opening at the bottom designed for inserting LEDs. Of course, this LED insert is included in the package.

Its minimalist design and especially its compact size make it unique and versatile. It has a high quality of workmanship. In addition, only health-safe and environmentally friendly materials were used. You can even extend the Hookah Hoob Atom with 2 pipe connections.

The smoke column, or rather the dip tube with head adapter, is made of stainless steel and has a diffuser. The base is made of anodized aluminum and has a “Magnetic Lock” system, which hermetically locks the bowl to the base thanks to 4 very powerful magnets. It is even possible to lift the entire hookah, even if there is water in the bowl, without the magnet coming off. Also included in the hookah package is a silicone tube with a high-quality wooden mouthpiece.

In conclusion, we can say that the Hoob Atom Hookah is definitely one of the most expensive and valuable hookahs. But its elegance and especially its minimalist design and compact size convince on all fronts. This hookah is perfect for hookah lovers looking for a small and compact hookah with a very modern design. Especially with the LED insertion and some fruit, the Hookah Hoob Atom is a real eye-catcher and a must-have for big hookah enthusiasts.

Package contents:
– Hookah Hoob Atom
– Stainless steel smoke column + Aluminum base with 1 connection (extendable to 2)
– Stainless steel immersion tube with diffuser
– Rectangular Acrylic Bowl (Magnetic Lock)
– Insertion LED + Remote Control
– Silicone tube with high-quality wooden mouthpiece

Technical specifications:
– Total height: about 22 cm
– Bowl diameter: about 18 cm
– Height of the glass: about 16 cm
– Bowl size: about 16×18 cm
– Weight: about 1 kg
– Materials: Stainless steel + Aluminum

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