Geometry – Tongs (Purple)

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Product Description:

Geometry – Tongs (Purple) are easily recognized by their design. Comfortable and practical, they are a must-have item.

Geometry tongs can be hooked onto the hookah plate to have them conveniently in place ready for use at all times.

Geometry – Tongs (Purple) are made of steel and the tip of these tongs in addition to being bolted is also made of raw steel. This detail allows the clamps not to be ruined by the heat of the coals, and because they are not colored, the paint is not likely to flake off during use. In general they are very good quality calipers, and calipers of this quality are rare in today’s market.

You can also find these calipers in other colors on the site. Try to take a look. They are perfect to pair with both colorful hookahs and hookahs with a rawer, more industrial style.

The Geometry brand is a Russian-born brand with high-quality products and artistic design. They stand out for their versatility and individuality.

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