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El Bomber – Katana Black

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Product Description:

El Bomber – Katana Black

The El Bomber hookah has quickly conquered the global market with its modern and unconventional design. The manufacturer offers three different versions of its hookahs, each incorporating elements of the latest trends in hookah culture. The main design theme of El Bomber is futuristic cyberpunk, evident in the new technological solutions and unique aesthetics of all models.

The El Bomber Katana hookah was inspired by the Japanese avant-garde style. The entire construction is modeled like a katana, and the graphic elements on the body and plate refer to this style.

The impeccable workmanship of the El Bomber hookah is also evident in the quality of the materials used. The metal components of the hookah, such as the barrel and adapters, are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, while the body base is made of high-quality polycetal. These materials are resistant to corrosion, weathering and scratches, ensuring the durability of the hookah. The decorative parts are further protected by a special coating that ensures a flawless appearance even after many years of use.

Despite its size, the Katana model is very comfortable to use. All elements of the hookah can be disassembled for quick cleaning and convenient transportation. A magnet was chosen as the fixing system for the tube, which prevents moisture and molasses from entering the interior. This protects the connector and the magnet itself from corrosion and ensures its durability.

Fans of this hookah model highly praise the unique shot offered by the El Bomber product. The set includes a diffuser, which makes it easier to draw and quieter to smoke, which is especially important while watching movies or having private conversations.

– Height – 785 mm
– Diameter – 11 mm
– Color – red, black
– Materials – stainless steel, polycetal

Kit contents:
– Hookahs – 1
– Plate – 1
– Cane – yes
– Pipe adapter – 1
– Diffuser – yes
– Gaskets – set
– Boccia – no
– Tube – 1

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