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COCODALYA – 27mm | 1 kg

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Product Description:

COCODALYA natural charcoal – 1 kg package


Cocodalya charcoal is produced by Adalya Tobacco, a leading Turkish tobacco brand in various European and non-European states, which has decided to expand its operations with other products from the hookah world.

In addition to hookahs, accessories and tobaccos, it is now the turn of Cocodalya natural charcoal to face the challenge in the shisha market.

To offer quality natural charcoal, Adalya chose the best specialists and called on India’s most famous coconut charcoal producers.



✓ HIGH-QUALITY NATURAL COCOAL-BASED charcoal – Coconut charcoal is the no. 1 for the experienced hookah smoker, it heats up quickly reaching high temperatures.


✓ LONG LENGTH- The burning time of this coal can be up to 1 1/2 hours.


✓ LOW ASH RESIDUE–The ash residue is about 3%, so the coal cubes burn extremely cleanly.


✓ SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION-Natural charcoal production uses natural raw materials derived from wood processing.


✓ 100% NATURAL CARBON – Cocodalya charcoal contains no additives and has no characteristic flavor that can affect smoking.


Cocodalya natural charcoal burns at very high temperatures and almost free of residue, achieving a long burn time, which can be up to 1 1/2 hours depending on circumstances.

The ash residue amounts to about 3% of the product weight; less ash means less dust, and that means less cleaning.

When they break down, ash and charcoal residues can simply be composted or disposed of with household waste.

The wood used to produce Cocodalya coconut-based charcoal is derived from wood processing, so it is not necessary to use a single tree exclusively for the production of this charcoal



Coal ignition tip:

Natural charcoal contains no fast-burning ingredients and therefore cannot be lit with a commercial lighter.

Therefore, an electric or gas stove is needed to light the coal.

You can find various types of electric stoves here on our online store under Accessories and spare parts – Coal stoves.


Technical Data

Cubes size: 27 x 27 x 27 mm

Contents: 1 kg



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