Hookah vase brush – XL

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Product Description:

✓ PERFECT SHAPE – The brush has a long handle and the end has a cap to minimize the risk of scratching the vase during cleaning.

✓ SIMPLE MATERIAL-Nylon is durable and easy to use. To dry, the brush can be hung on the ring provided.

✓ QUICK AND EASY CLEANING – Cleaning the vase with the AO nylon brush is quick and effortless.

With this vase brush your hookah will sparkle in seconds. The brush has nylon bristles, which is a high-quality and durable material. Regular cleaning of the vase prevents loss of hookah flavor.

total length: about 49 cm
Brush length: about 25 cm,
Nylon bristle diameter (widest point): about 9.5 cm

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