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Hookah protective net – (Various colors)

 15,30 Iva inc.

Product Description:

Protective net for charcoal / hookah

Charcoal protective mesh is a wire mesh that prevents charcoal from falling from the hookah brazier.

In the home, it is necessary to prevent damage to surfaces if coal accidentally falls from the brazier or foil. The net is placed on the saucer so that the brazier with the coal is inside it. Even if the coal falls from the brazier, it will not end up on the floor or furniture, but will remain inside the net. Outdoors, the net will protect your charcoal from wind gusts, allowing you to enjoy a good hookah for much longer.

The net is an item you should definitely have if you own a hookah.
A must-have accessory for clubs!

Color: “various colors available”
Height: 20 cm (approx.)
Diameter: 10 cm (approx.)

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