Aladin – MVP Gold A46

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Product Description:

Aladin’s MVP A46 Gold hook ah is a medium-sized hookah with a clean design and made of stainless steel!

The “Gold” version is made of gold-covered stainless steel

With its size of only 46cm, it is a good compromise, neither too small nor too large. Even on a desk the MVP A46 fits with its size not creating problems even during the washing phase.

Hidden in the body is a closed chamber system that allows smoke to be easily expelled from the glass. The diffuser on the dip tube can be adjusted or removed, allowing you to influence the level of noise and resistance during the pull. Out of the box, it comes with a hose connector. An additional tube connector, available separately, can be added to MVP A46 to connect 2 tubes.

In addition to the hookah itself, you have a set with a silicone tube and a set with a brazier complete with chimney.
The hose set consists of a soft touch silicone hose with aluminum handle and a spring to protect the hose from kinking.
The fireplace set consists of the Aladin Optimus Bowl Eco brazier and a Mockingbird type fireplace.

Size: 46 cm without bowl

– high quality V2A stainless steel
– silicone hose set with anti-kink spring
– adjustable speaker
– frosted joints 18/8
– closed room
-bowl wit chimney heat manager

General Notice:
there may be air bubbles inside the glass because they are handmade, this does not affect the function of the hookah. Consequently, this is not grounds for complaint. Each glass is unique and has an individual color shade, so the product may differ from the picture.

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