Aladin – MVP 360 (Blue Glow)

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Product Description:

Aladin’s MVP 360 hookah is a powerhouse of great design. The“Blue Glow” model features a glass base that glows in the dark.

Due to the small size of only 36 cm, it works perfectly as an outdoor/portable hookah and performs like a big one due to the technical features.

Hidden in the hookah body is a system allows the smoke to be easily expelled. The diffuser on the immersion tube can be adjusted or even removed, allowing the noise level to be influenced.

* An additional tube connector, available separately, can be added to your MVP 360 to connect 2 tubes.

In addition to the hookah itself, you have a set of silicone tubes and a brazier set included in the package.
The hose set consists of a soft-touch silicone hose with aluminum spout and a spring to protect the hose from kinking.
The brazier set with heat manager consists of Aladin Optimus Eco and a Mockingbird/fireplace attachment.

Size: 36 cm without brazier

– high quality V2A stainless steel
– silicone tube with anti-kink protection
– adjustable speaker
– frosted joints 18/8
– closed room
– coal pliers
– bowl set

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