Aladin – Alux M5

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Product Description:

Alux Alux M5 is a high-quality aluminum, glass decorated hookah with well-finished accessories.
In addition to a convenient snap closure between the glass base and the metal column, the Admiral also has a swiveling diffuser, an aluminum bcchino, with silicone tube and anti-bend spring.

Aladin Alux M5 hookah, a medium-sized hookah made of the highest quality aluminum.

The hookah comes directly to you in a complete package with many accessories at an affordable price!

In addition to its light weight and attractive appearance, it offers a reliable quick snap closure, which makes assembling and disassembling the hookah very easy. The diffuser on the water pipe can be adjusted or removed, allowing you to influence the noise level and resistance during the pull.

In addition to the hookah itself, you have a set with a silicone tube and a set with a brazier complete with chimney.
The hose set consists of a soft touch silicone hose with aluminum handle and a spring to protect the hose from kinking.
The fireplace set consists of the Aladin Optimus Bowl Eco brazier and a Mockingbird type fireplace.

Size: 47 cm without brazier


Total height: about 56 cm

The supply includes:
– 1 Glass cruet
– 1 column
– 1 plate
– 1 pair of pliers
– 1 brazier
– 1 silicone tube with spout, aluminum adapter and spring
– trimmings

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