Al Mani Coco Gold Premium – 27mm | 1 kg

 6,50 Iva inc.

Product Description:

Al-Mani Coco Gold Premium 27mm

made from
from coconut shells, it is a
purely natural product.

Al-Mani Coco coals last about 1.5 hours and provide a long and pleasant smoke. Charcoal is tasteless so it does not affect the taste of tobacco, In addition, charcoal makes very little smoke when lighting.

The Al-Mani Coco can also be used for grilling!

An electric stove, or a gas burner or the like, is needed to light the coal.

Cube dimensions:
26 mm x 26 mm x 26 mm

Technical details:

Carbon content: at least 80%
Humidity max 8%
Volatile components max 9.5%
Ash max 2.5%

Contents: 1 kg
Duration: approx. 1 h 30m

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