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Aeon Vyro – One Carbon (Blue)

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Product Description:

AEON VYRO ONE is the hookah designed by the Aeon brand in 2018, only after being tested for so many years has it finally come out on the market as the best portable hookah in the world.

This hookah is unique not only because of the materials used such as carbon fiber and steel, but also because of the high engineering it packs into just under 16cm, it has nothing to envy a larger hookah in fact since the distance between the brazier and the nozzle is shorter the flavors are even more enhanced!

Another big difference from other small hookahs is that the Vyro One has an extremely low center of gravity that makes it very stable and usable even during a party with friends or outdoors!

At 16 cm AEON VYRO ONE is a small hookah made entirely of carbon and the inner parts of stainless steel.

This makes the Aeon Vyro One hookah a practically everlasting, convenient practical and above all portable hookah!


Material: Carbon, stainless steel V2A
Color: (See product title)
Venting: Horizontal
Product type: hookah
Tub closure type: screw with thread
Perfect for: Journey
Height cm: 15.5
Measure: Small

Nozzle and silicone tube excluded*


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