Silicone or clay bowls?

A bowls is an essential component of the hookah or water pipe. The main difference between a silicone brazier and an earthenware bowl concerns the materials used in their manufacture and the resulting characteristics. Both types of bowl have their advantages and disadvantages. The silicone bowl may be more durable and easy to clean, but […]

Difference between Kaloud (HMD) and foil

Kaloud (or HMD) and tin foil are both methods used to manage the charcoal and heat in hookah (or shisha). However, there are some differences between the two. In general, the use of Kaloud is considered a more practical and convenient method than tin foil. However, the choice between the two depends on the personal […]

How to clean the hookah

To properly clean a hookah, follow these steps: By following these steps, you will be able to properly clean your hookah and keep it in optimal condition for continued use.

Hookah carbons, differences?

When it comes to hookah smoking, the type of charcoal you use is crucial to the overall flavor and experience. In fact, there are two main types of hookah charcoal to choose from: natural charcoal and quick-ignition charcoal. Here are the differences Natural coconut charcoal (effectiveness 10/10) Coconut charcoal is the most popular and you […]

Tips for hookah beginners

Smoking hookah has been a popular pastime enjoyed by many for centuries, from the Middle East to modern-day Europe, Asia, and the United States. It has become a social activity that brings people together. However, many users are not aware of how to properly make hookah… For this reason, we are here to share with […]

Hookahs, trends and quality.

One of the first questions people ask is ”Where does the hookah culture start? Well the answer is simple, with the rise of tourism in the Middle East many people have become aware of this somewhat nebulous, aromatic, and culture-filled world that is the world of shisha, hookah, hookah (call it what you will). Tourists […]


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