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Wookah – Mastercut Olives Oak

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Product Description:

WOOKAH hookahs are true gems, showing us how the brand excels in the manufacturing process.

WOOKAH creates its hookahs with different exotic woods, handmade crystal swirl design bases, wooden accessories, and inside they are reinforced with stainless steel components.

Wookah Oak is perfect for experts and collectors, the most amazing fact about this hookah is its UNIQUE manufacturing process, from the cutting of the wood, to the shaping of the vase and especially the fine material used.

Oak is a light, natural-looking type of wood. It is a type of hardwood, strong and durable, so it is widely used in the furniture and flooring industry. Oak grain shade can differ greatly not only between trees, but also between the branches of a single tree.

WOOKAH Mastercut Olive Vase. Made of durable lead-free crystal that has been handcrafted from the blowing process to the cutting of the designs. Includes 1.4301 (V2A) stainless steel wire with WOOKAH engraving. Its surface is completely transparent with unique handmade Olive cuts.


Technical data:
– height: approx. 64 cm (without brazier)
– weight: approx. 3 kg
– Material: solid wood, crystal glass and stainless steel metal parts 1.4301 (V2A)

The supply includes:
– Olives pattern glass base (hand-blown and hand-cut)
– upper part of the wooden column (contains a special stainless steel inner tube system that completely protects the wooden column from water and smoke)
– Lower part of the steel column (approx. 21 cm long)
– flat
– trimmings

NB: Brazier, mouthpiece and pipe are not included with the hookah.

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