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KS perosonal mouthpiece – Appolino

 8,00 Iva inc.

Product Description:

KS Appolino mouthpiece, with included lanyard offers more advantages than conventional mouthpieces:

With KS Appolino you always have YOUR mouthpiece at hand. Thanks to the key ring, you can easily hang it around your neck and start smoking.

Hygienically redefined! Traditional one-piece mouthpieces are exposed to dirt and dust. Appolino consists of two parts: the actual mouthpiece and a cap that completely encloses the mouthpiece and protects it from dirt at all times.

The KS Appolino is made of high-quality silicone and fits perfectly on the lips due to its round shape. So you have more comfort when you smoke.

In addition to its quality, the mouthpiece is also visually striking, especially because of its APPO shape: KS Appolino fits all common mouthpieces, is extremely easy to clean, and has a very long lifespan.


Technical characteristics:

Spout length: about 3.7 cm
Total length: about 4.4 cm
Lanyard length: about 52 cm
Diameter of the mouthpiece – wide side: about 3.2 cm
Mouthpiece diameter-the narrow side of the mouth on the outside: about 1.5 cm
Mouthpiece diameter-the narrow inside of the mouth: about 0.8 cm
Total diameter: about 3.9 cm
Material: silicone
Manufacturer: KS Original

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