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Aladin – Epox 425

 103,92 Iva inc.

Product Description:

More than 15 different air ejection options – High-quality stainless steel – Beautiful epoxy resin – Complete set – Countless customization options – The EPOX 425 is a superlative hookah – because it offers more than you can imagine.

With 5 different stainless steel precision rings-2 beautiful stainless steel plates and an elegant epoxy cover-more than 15 different air ejections are possible. By simply repositioning and swapping the rings, you can decide what your hookah should look like today and where the smoke should come out of.

But of course that is not all. With the adjustable diffuser, you can choose how loud or weak and how loud or quiet the airflow should be. With the stainless steel cut-out built into the base, you can connect and disconnect or change the tube at any time. The shape of the insertable bowl ensures optimal airflow and easy cleaning.

To get started right away, a set of tubes and a headset is also included. There are also 2 seals for different bowl sizes, spare balls, and coal tongs.


Height: 42.5 cm without tobacco bowl
Materials: stainless steel / epoxy resin / POM (polyoxymethylene) / glass

General Notice:
there may be air bubbles inside the glass because they are handmade, this does not affect the function of the hookah. Consequently, this is not grounds for complaint. Each glass is unique and has an individual color shade, so the product may differ from the picture.

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