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Al Mani – Vika

 59,00 Iva inc.

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Product Description:

An excellent hookah at an affordable price.

The strength of this model is undoubtedly its value for money.

The AL Mani Vika offers an excellent design, but its competitive advantage is undoubtedly based on its value for money. This gem offers essential performance for a modern hookah. The purging of this shisha is worked to make the evacuation smooth and thus give light sessions in the throat. The shisha also has a diffuser to allow silent sessions without bubbling in the pot.

Materials: The metal surfaces and column are made of steel ensuring excellent corrosion resistance even after many years. The tube is made of excellent quality silicone, which does not collect dust. The handle is made of aluminum that does not oxidize. Its high-end vase is made of crystal designed to resist impact and heat.

Maintenance: to preserve the longevity of your hookah, be sure to always clean the pot with a clean brush and cloth. The hotplate, hearth and the whole machine should be cleaned and dried after each use. This will avoid any form of corrosion or degradation in the long run. Constant maintenance ensures good shisha performance with each new use.

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