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Hookahs, trends and quality.

One of the first questions people ask is ”Where does the hookah culture start? Well the answer is simple, with the rise of tourism in the Middle East many people have become aware of this somewhat nebulous, aromatic, and culture-filled world that is the world of shisha, hookah, hookah (call it what you will). Tourists often bought them at local stalls and bazaars as souvenirs to take home. Whether it was to impress friends or to keep as a souvenir, shisha was a souvenir not to be forgotten.

Over time, bazaars stopped selling quality handmade hookahs made of Brass and preferred a sale of products made in China with low quality and especially with the LEAST suitable material ever: Aluminum.

Hookah also arrived in Europe and the United States around 2010, winning over more and more fans each year. Soon after, the first hookah factories also appeared in Germany, and this created a new hookah culture. A culture that involves hookahs created by designers, made according to precise and well-defined stylistic choices, hookahs with a real young and innovative personality.
Years go by… and glass and steel are joined by carbon fiber, gold, crystal, and polyacetal. There are new hookah manufacturers in the U.S. and across the European continent that are giving rise to an ever-growing popularity with better and better hookahs.

Currently we can say without any doubt that the most popular hookahs and accessories are those of Russian derivation. The Russian people have taken and completely transformed hookah from the concept of the product itself to the creation of innovative and amazing hookah bars around the world. So we just have to enjoy a good hookah and savor what a little bit of all cultures have to offer us.

We are often asked, “Which hookah should I choose, which one is the best?” There is no exact answer as to ”best,” but if we really want to put it in those terms…the best is the one with the most quality. Before buying shisha, one must inquire about the materials it is made of and how it is made. Can’t find certifications that meet European standards? We can already tell you that it is definitely not the best. NARGHITA for us is also the possibility of giving quality hookahs, not necessarily expensive, but quality hookahs. No short-lived products, no products made of dubious plastics, and much less products that are impossible to clean and sanitize.

On our site you will find a large number of quality products that moreover are also the most popular on the market. If you don’t find what you are looking for write to us, we will help you!

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