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Difference between Kaloud (HMD) and foil

Kaloud (or HMD) and tin foil are both methods used to manage the charcoal and heat in hookah (or shisha). However, there are some differences between the two.

  1. Materials: The Kaloud is made of anodized aluminum, while the foil is thin aluminum foil.
  2. Heat distribution: The Kaloud is designed to distribute heat evenly over the entire surface of the tobacco. It has a dome shape that fits over the tobacco and allows heat to circulate inside the chamber. Foil, on the other hand, is perforated with small holes to allow heat to reach the tobacco.
  3. Coal management: With the Kaloud, less coal can be used than with tin foil. Usually one or two pieces of coal are placed on top of the Kaloud and the heat is distributed evenly. With tin foil, however, multiple layers of coals placed on the perforated surface are used, and it may be necessary to move the coals around during the session to avoid overheating or overcooling of the tobacco.
  4. Durability: Kaloud has a longer shelf life than tin foil. It can be reused many times, while the foil is generally disposable and should be replaced after each session.
  5. Taste and smoke: The use of Kaloud tends to produce thicker and tastier smoke than tin foil. Because the heat is distributed evenly, the tobacco is heated more evenly, which can lead to a more pleasant smoking experience.

In general, the use of Kaloud is considered a more practical and convenient method than tin foil. However, the choice between the two depends on the personal preferences of each hookah smoker. Some still prefer to use tin foil because of its familiarity or convenience.



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